The Bong Buying Guide That You Need To Check Out

Having a good bong in working conditions is a necessity if you want to have some good smoking sessions in the future. Sadly, there are not many guides out there to help you make a choice, as it can be difficult to spot the really good bongs among the countless ones you can find for sale these days. As such, you might want to read the following tips in order to snag yourself a good bong, which you can then use to smoke whatever you want, and when you want it!

Find an Online Shop

If you cannot be bothered to tour around your neighbourhood for bongs and hookah pipes, you might want to try out online shops to see whether you can find something decent for sale. Most of the time, online shops have a wide range of products which will cater to as many different clients as possible. In fact, you should have a better chance of finding the right bong online rather than searching for it the usual way.

Determine Your Usage Patterns

How often will you smoke? Do you need your bong to be portable, so that you can take it with you wherever you go? These are all considerations that need to be made in order to select a bong that also suits your lifestyle. If mobility is not an issue, you can always al fakher hookah flavors along with a large bong to ensure you have a good smoking session at home. On the other hand, those who travel often need to look into smaller bongs, and possibly other smoking devices as well, such as pipes and e-cigarettes.


Cost is obviously one of those things that need to be considered when buying a new product. As a general rule of thumb, you will want to buy a bong which lasts you for a long time, so avoid the lower quality products. Even though they might be cheaper to purchase at first, they won’t last you that long. If you really cannot afford a quality pipe or bong at this stage, you should consider saving up some more. Meanwhile, you can get your smoking fix by visiting a top shisha bar in Hong Kong during your free time.

Type of Material

Glass bongs are the most common, but that doesn’t mean that other materials are not used to construct pipes and bongs of all shapes and kinds. Ceramic bongs to be quite stylish, but fragile. As such, you need to take care when handling them. There are also plastic bongs available, and these are usually the cheaper ones.

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