Month: April 2018

Problems With Using Traditional Frozen Water For Goods Transportation

With time it is natural to see people moving from one product to the next when the latter comes in a better shape to fulfil the needs people have. This is the situation we can currently see with traditional frozen water and frozen water substitutes. The frozen water substitutes which have emerged in the recent years have proved themselves to be a better version of the traditional frozen water.

From the ice gel packs to every other form of frozen water substitute that exists we get to see something which can actually solve the problems we have to face with traditional frozen water.

Melting Too SoonTraditional frozen water is going to melt too soon. That is a natural quality it has as it is made by freezing natural water. However, the substitutes we have for traditional frozen water have been developed using various methods to last longer. That means from the two different products the substitutes are going to last longer and serve you better than the traditional frozen water.

Needing More Labour to Handle the WrappingIf you are using traditional frozen water you are always going to need a lot of people to handle it. There should be people involved in getting it to you, storing it and then maintaining it. When you are using it with fresh produce there has to be a number of people to quickly load the crates with the fresh produce and the traditional frozen water and move things along. However, every substitute for frozen water from dry ice packs does not need that kind of man power as they can last longer without melting like traditional frozen water.

Not Getting the Right Temperature with ThemThere are also times when the traditional frozen water you have got with you does not contain the right amount of temperature with them. This would require you to use more of them in transportation. However, when your crates cannot be filled with more frozen water to create the right temperature you just have to give up.

Getting the Right Amount of Frozen Water at Short Notice Being HardGetting the right amount of frozen water to your factory at a short notice is also not an easy task. It makes it impossible for you to fill emergency orders of fresh produce you get from time to time. These kinds of problems make people less enthusiastic about using traditional frozen water for their fresh produce transportation work. That is why they are happy to use the substitutes.