Month: November 2017

Reasons To Love Tea

We all love tea! Whether it’s dark, green or iced tea, drinking a single cup will refresh you and give you the energy to push through a tiresome day. This is evident by the fact that British alone drink about 165 million cups a daily, making it the second most popular drink in the world, next only to water. Tea has a long history and different recipes flow down from cultures and traditions all around the world. Here are five reasons as to why we should love this historic beverage even more.

Tea can hydrate you More than 90% of a tea cups composition is water and this makes it an important source of your daily fluid intake. Furthermore, black and oolong tea are said to be rich in potassium which balances your internal fluid levels. If you start your day with a cup of this beverage every morning, you’ll gain that energizing sense of refreshment along with some fluids to get your motor running for the rest of the day.

Tea is a calorie free beverage Unlike artificial beverages such as soda, which are high in calories, tea is virtually calorie free, when you take it without sugar or milk. Drinking this beverage when you are feeling peckish between meals will help you feel full, all the while saving calories and refreshing your body. If you’re trying to lose weight, switch to Japanese green tea powder or oolong as they will assist you by increasing metabolism to lose weight.

Green tea can help prevent cancerCancer is often initiated when a free radical oxidizes DNA, giving rise to mutation of cells. This is where green tea comes in to play, as it is able to interfere with each stage of cancer formation. Matcha green tea in particular, is rich in antioxidants that can keep cancer cells from initiating its growth process. Also it can boost the repair process of damaged DNA strands since it has certain “genoprotective” characteristics. Unlike most chemo agents that kill cancer cells, green tea does it with very little or no adverse side effects on the consumer. For further information about matcha starter kit please go here.

Tea can prevent tooth decay If you are someone who drinks this beverage regularly, you’re sure to have a strong set of teeth. This beverage can also reduce the risk of tooth decay. The reason behind this is the abundant amounts of fluorides present in brew that can bolster the tooth enamel. Also, the antioxidant content will play a role in fighting against bacteria and gum diseases.