Month: July 2017

Vegetarian Options In The Oriental Cuisine

Those who follow vegetarianism in their diet can find variety of options in oriental cuisine. Even if you abstain from meat, this cuisine has much to offer that include a perfect balance of taste as well as a variety of vegetables. Indeed, the subtle preparation methods that oriental cuisine follows helps one to enjoy the original flavors and tastes of different vegetables along with different sauces and condiments that add a unique touch to the dishes.

Options in the appetizers

If you look at the options among Chinese appetizers, Northern chinese cuisine Melbourne are popular the world over. The lightly steamed floury packs of different vegetables can be the perfect way to start an evening when you sit down to explore oriental cuisine. Other options comprise of spring rolls which are pastries that are rolled around boiled and lightly flavored vegetable mixtures. These could be deep fried as well, which turn them into crispy and golden bite size portions. These lightly made appetizers turn out tasty when accompanied with red sauces of different kinds.

Main course options

While you could step into any popular oriental restaurant in your city to sample the best dumplings they provide, there are different kinds of food that are signature to best Chinese cuisine. For instance, starchy food is an integral part of any Chinese menu or courses you choose to have. Fried rice is one such instance. Here boiled rice is then fried and different kinds of vegetables added to it. With light flavors and the wholesomeness of the dish, it is a perfect accompaniment with any gravy item you might choose to order. The other popular dishes are noodle based. For instance vegetable lo mien is one such dish that is unique to this cuisine. Such a dish has noodles accompanied with varieties of vegetables including broccoli and cabbage that are common with this cuisine. You could also opt for steamed or lightly cooked vegetable dishes that come with different sauces like oyster sauce. Tofu is another popular item that is perfect for vegetarians, made from soy milk. Tofu based dishes are also tasty and come with varieties of vegetables and different sauce based gravies. If you are a vegetarian and looking to sample something new and healthy, Chinese vegetarian dishes would be a great choice. The ranges of soups they have are healthy and help you feel full at the same time. These usually comprise of steamed vegetables or even dumplings put in the broth like soups. If you feel like ordering in Chinese today, do so and refer to an online Chinese takeaway for convenient orders.